Thursday 11 January 2018

When should your child get their eyes checked?

As a parent you may wonder if your child has good vision and also when you should get them checked. Early identification of a child's vision problem is crucial because children are more responsive to treatment when problems are diagnosed early. It is ideal to have the first check up by 6 months of age. If indicated however they may also be performed few days after birth. The reason for an examination at 6 months is because that is usually when children are able to fixate and follow objects. The next examination should be around 3 years of age and then 5 years (pre-school and primary school). Provided everything is normal, follow up every 2 years in case of no specific difficulty is advisable. A neglected eye problem can lead to poor school performance, poor social interaction and can have long term influence on your child’s life. With the influence of gadgets like smartphones and environmental factors, the incidence of eye problems in children are increasingly rapidly. Regular eye check up is a must to detect and treat any eye condition to prevent future difficulties.

Tuesday 8 April 2014


Dear Parents,
Here are few guidelines to prevent your child from eye injuries;
Dont let your children play with sealed bottles.
When you open a bottle, keep the nozzle from your face and eyes.
Remember that plastic bottles or cans are much safer for your children than glass bottles.
Keep bottles in fridge and not in freezer.
Choose safe toys for your children, which suit their age. Avoid buying darting toyssuch as bow and arrow, which may hit or injure the eye from a distance.
Watch your children while at play, and teach them safe activities. Stone throwing during play may cause severe injuries, which could be avoided.
Keep detergents, disinfectants and chemicals in a safe place and out of reach for children.
Dont let your child play with fireworks which are dangerous.
Keep the children away from kitchen ware which could harm them.
Teach your children how to protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses when they are out. You should also prevent them from looking directly at the sun.
Dont allow your children to use laser pens.
Prevention is the best way to protect your children's sight.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Pure Vision

Thambi Medical-Surgical (T.M.S) Eye Hospital, Salem, is a centre for Advanced Ophthalmic Care. The latest and most modern techniques have been suitably adapted to provide excellence in Eye Care. The various facilities and services offered ensure reliability, economy and convenience to patients.
The Institute has most aesthetically designed three storeyed building complex with comfortable air conditioned diagnostic premises for consultations, well equipped air conditioned operation theaters, In-patitent facility with 110 beds, Library, Office, Seminar Hall with CC TV etc.

Our Motto :: Cure with Care

Over the years, the services of the hospital have expanded to meet the needs of the growing list of patients in India, and from abroad who receive the finest medical eye care with the best possible equipment available and expertise irrespective of their financial status. Every one has a place at the hospital where the Consultants handle any type of eye problems.

Throughout its operations, TMS Eye Hospital has realized its articulated objectives through a strong commitment to values and craving to provide top-notch eye care inspired by the Philosophy – Quality is definitely the heart of the matter.

Objective ::

Enhance patient satisfaction levels.

Introduce new eye care technologies and treatment.

Strive towards complications free surgery and treatment.

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TMS Eye Hospital
#51, L R N Colony,
Saradha College Road,
Salem - 636 007

Phone : + 91 427 2316955
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